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Behind the Scenes

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October 7 - October 13

About The Stream

Benny started streaming in February of 2016 on Twitch playing Hearthstone and Diablo 3. Having no biography, no panels, no social media and no clue what he was doing he soon gathered a following and started taking streaming seriously.

Having been accepted as a Twitch partner in March Benny moved from his mom's house in Tennessee to live the independent bachelor life at his grandma's house in Florida. As careers in games content become more mainstream both his mom and his grandma ask fewer questions.

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It Came From The Store!

Benny is happy to be partnered with Design By Humans. Now you can finally live the dream of having Benny on the front part of your torso, or on your laptop, or on your head. Benny doesn't judge. It's your stuff... Live your best life with it.

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